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“Perfect sugar substitute. My favorite sweetener for keto baking and ice cream.” – Kathy G., BochaSweet POWDERED customer

POWDERED BOCHASWEET™ tastes just like powdered sugar and as a zero calorie and zero glycemic sweetener is perfect for the keto and diabetic lifestyle.

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Product Details

  • PERFECT for frostings, fillings, dusting, and baking
  • TASTES just like powdered sugar
  • ZERO Calorie | Zero Glycemic | Zero Net Carb
  • PURE source of cell energy | No blood sugar spikes, No insulin stimulation
  • INGREDIENTS | 100% Kabocha Extract | NON GMO, All Natural, Keto, Diabetic, Low Carb, and Vegan


BochaSweet Ingredients: Kabocha Extract (Xylitol)

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  • The Supreme Sugar Replacement

    BochaSweet™ is a great replacement for cane sugar. In taste, it has a heavenly “melt-in-your-mouth” sweetness identical to cane sugar, without a bitter aftertaste, and no glucose spikes.

  • Great For All Uses & Recipes

    It is convenient and dissolves easily in coffee, tea, and liquids. It’s suitable for any cooking or baking recipe. In fact, you can use it at a 1:1 ratio in everything you would normally use cane sugar!

  • Pure Zero Calorie Energy & Diabetes-Friendly

    A zero calorie and zero net carb count. Pure sweet energy that’s easy to digest and diabetes-friendly!

What is Kabocha Extract


Kabocha has a potent pentose (superior quality Xylitol) content, surpassing all other vegetables and fruits.And with a glycemic index of zero, it was meant to be the ultimate source for an all-natural sugar alternative.


BOCHASWEET™ is the scientifically perfected extraction of pentose, a xylitol molecular structure, from the kabocha utilizing a low-temperature, all-natural process. Daily consumption of BochaSweet™ will provide your body with a pure source of energy and helps to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Perfect for a diabetic or keto diet because BochaSweet™ is metabolized in the body as a pure source of energy without the requirement of insulin. Simply put, the body cannot make fat without insulin. By lessening or eliminating insulin stimulation, you lessen or eliminate the body’s ability to make fat. You can still enjoy the sweet taste of your favorite foods. That’s why BochaSweet™ is the go-to ingredient for everyone.


In Japan, the kabocha pumpkin has been prized as a “superfood” for centuries with a functional benefit that provided the Japanese with longer lives and superior health. This intrigued the Chinese Academy of Science to further research the kabocha in comparison to all other pumpkin varieties. The potent pentose content of kabocha is what makes BochaSweet™ truly unique. The kabocha has been extensively studied to be one of nature’s most potent “superfoods” due to its low insulin index.

The kabocha is the absolute best source for an all-natural sugar alternative because of its potent pentose content. The sugar content inside was found to be different from that of all other pumpkins, vegetables, or fruit. Kabocha is emerging as one of nature’s most antioxidant-rich “superfoods”, providing a high amount of certain carotenoids, vitamins, and minerals. The pentose content found in the kabocha is what is responsible for the sweet taste. It is taken a step further by an advanced extraction so that you can experience the perfect cane sugar replacement, especially if you are worried about insulin stimulation that can cause beta-cell exhaustion leading to insulin resistance and eventually type-2 diabetes.


We help you enjoy your favorite foods and beverages, as this low glycemic sweetener was made for a guilt-free lifestyle. Our kabochas are sourced all over the world for their high pentose content to help provide the body with a direct source of energy without insulin participation. This super high-purity extraction utilizes NON-GMO kabochas to provide the ultimate sugar replacement. By utilizing a low temperature extraction, we arrive at a fine white crystalline sweetener that melts in your mouth.

Unlike other sugar alternatives on the market, BochaSweet™ is a pentose extract without any additives, flavors, or chemicals. Our BochaSweet™ is made from nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BochaSweet made from?

BochaSweet sugar replacement is a proprietary extract derived from Japanese pumpkin also known as kabocha. This sugar replacement is a 5-carbon sugar molecular structure, classified as a pentose (xylitol). This form of pentose (xylitol) is unique because it is a pure extraction from 100% kabocha pumpkin, a superior raw ingredient, unlike commonly known xylitol which is extracted from waste materials derived from corn and birch wood.

Furthermore, many all-natural plant-based sugar replacements come in the molecular structure of a 4 or 5-carbon molecular structure to be suitable as a sugar replacement. BochaSweet kabocha extract is diabetic-friendly and suitable for a keto diet. All 4 or 5-carbon molecular structure sweeteners fall under the category of sugar alcohols; however, they don’t contain alcohol.

Is BochaSweet diabetic-friendly?

BochaSweet is diabetes-friendly and helps to support healthy blood sugar levels.

Is BochaSweet an erythritol sugar substitute? Does it contain erythritol?

BochaSweet Granular and BochaSweet Powdered do not contain erythritol. They are 100% pentose (5-carbon) derived from kabocha in the molecular structure of xylitol; whereas, erythritol is a 4-carbon molecular structure.

However, BochaSweet Brown is a blend that does contain erythritol. The erythritol is needed in the blend to give baked items a crispier texture.

So, if you are looking for a sugar replacement that does not contain erythritol. Choose our Granular and Powdered.

Does BochaSweet taste like pumpkin?

BochaSweet does not have a pumpkin taste. If you have ever tasted kabocha before, it is sweet tasting unlike its blander counterpart, the traditional Halloween pumpkin. We source our kabochas from pristine farms all around the world where the pentose content is much higher resulting in a very sweet taste. Thus, BochaSweet has a pleasant, melt-in-your-mouth sweetness with no  aftertaste or  “pumpkin” taste.

Does BochaSweet measure just like cane sugar?

Yes. BochaSweet measures exactly like cane sugar with a 1:1 ratio. Measures, bakes, and cooks for your all-purpose needs.

Is BochaSweet safe for pets? For dogs?

BochaSweet is one of many everyday foods that are not suitable for consumption by dogs. Coffee, beer, garlic, chocolate, and xylitol are common foods on this list. Please do not feed your dog these foods which also include BochaSweet.

BochaSweet with its health benefits is perfectly suitable for humans.