What is BochaSweet made from?

BochaSweet™ sugar replacement is a proprietary extract derived from Japanese pumpkin also known as kabocha. This sugar replacement is a 5-carbon sugar molecular structure, classified as a pentose (xylitol). This form of pentose (xylitol) is unique because it is a pure extraction from 100% kabocha pumpkin, a superior raw ingredient, unlike commonly known xylitol which is extracted from waste materials derived from corn and birch wood.

Furthermore, many all-natural plant-based sugar replacements come in the molecular structure of a 4 or 5-carbon molecular structure to be suitable as a sugar replacement. BochaSweet kabocha extract is diabetic-friendly and suitable for a keto diet. All 4 or 5-carbon molecular structure sweeteners fall under the category of sugar alcohols; however, they don’t contain alcohol.


Is BochaSweet sugar replacement an erythritol? Does it contain erythritol?

BochaSweet™ Granular and BochaSweet™ Powdered do not contain erythritol. They are 100% pentose (5-carbon) derived from kabocha in the molecular structure of xylitol; whereas, erythritol is a 4-carbon molecular structure.

However, BochaSweet Brown is a blend that does contain erythritol. The erythritol is needed in the blend to give baked items a crispier texture.

So, if you are looking for a sugar replacement that does not contain erythritol. Choose our Granular and Powdered.


Is BochaSweet aspartame or erythritol?

No, BochaSweet™ Granular and Powdered is 100% kabocha extract in the molecular structure of xylitol.

No. The pumpkins we select are organic and grown using organic conditions without use of pesticides or chemicals. At this time, we are not certified organic.


Yes, BochaSweet is gluten-free.


Yes. The exceptional and premium quality of BochaSweet™ starts with the perfect kabochas – specially sourced from non-GMO kabochas grown with the highest pentose content as perfected through our proprietary extraction process.

BochaSweet™ is a five-carbon sugar which has been shown to be tooth friendly and not promote tooth decay. BochaSweet is a tooth-friendly product.


Yes. BochaSweet™ measures exactly like cane sugar with a 1:1 ratio, bakes, and cooks for your all-purpose needs.


BochaSweet™ is one of many everyday foods that are not suitable for consumption by dogs. Coffee, beer, garlic, chocolate, and xylitol are common foods on this list. Please do not feed your dog these foods which also include BochaSweet™.


BochaSweet™ with its health benefits is perfectly suitable for humans. 


No. BochaSweet™ does not use any chemicals in the extraction process. Our extraction is all-natural.


No! BochaSweet is not an artificial sweetener. 

BochaSweet™ Brown is a blend that contains golden erythritol, a 4-carbon sugar alcohol, which is naturally derived from a mixture of fruits, kabocha, and monk fruit extract. This combination is what gives BochaSweet™ Brown its brown color and flavor.

Kabocha extract is born from the pentose (xylitol) content of the fruit which is a member of the Cucurbita, gourd family, and a staple in Japanese diets. A pentose extract (5-carbon sugar) that is low in calories and does not spike blood sugar levels. To extract the pentose the kabocha is put through a low-temperature extraction process without the use of any chemicals. This results in a sweet-tasting ingredient that duplicates the sweetness of cane sugar. 



 BochaSweet™ is diabetes-friendly and helps support healthy blood sugar levels.

Yes. BochaSweet™ is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Since BochaSweet™ is sourced from 100% non-GMO kabochas, it is definitely suitable for a paleo diet. There are no added flavors, fillers, and additives. In fact, the kabocha is considered a nutritious vegetable perfect for the paleo diet. Not only that, it is also suitable for any kind of elimination diet because it doesn’t contain FODMAPs.


Yes. BochaSweet™ does not interfere with the body producing ketones due to being zero net carbs. Five-carbon sugars do not spike blood sugar levels. 


BochaSweet™ undergoes minimal food processing in order to extract out the pentose content from kabochas using a low temperature, all-natural process which is beneficial for the consumer’s health.


Absolutely! In fact, BochaSweet™ replaces cane sugar in any recipe with a 1:1 ratio. Be sure to browse our blog section for our latest recipes coming out of our kitchen.

You can consume as little or as much as you prefer.

No. But, for some people they may experience a “cleansing” effect for a short period of time, especially, if you have been consuming high glycemic sweeteners (HFCS, cane sugar, etc.). 


No, we use a low temperature extraction that does not exceed 130° F.