The Science Behind BochaSweet

Learn what makes kabocha extract sweetener the next big thing in the sugar

replacement industry and how BochaSweet is leading the way.

Learn what makes kabocha extract

sweetener the next big thing in the sugar

replacement industry and how BochaSweet

is leading the way.


All sweeteners are

not the same

Learn what makes kabocha extract sweetener the next big thing in the sugar

replacement industry and how BochaSweet is leading the way.

Sweeteners on the market today are divided into two groups based on the

number of carbon atoms in the molecular structure.

You have the 6-carbon sugars & 5-carbon sugars.

6-carbon sugars like fructose and glucose found in maple syrup,

coconut sugar, and cane sugar, are considered high-glycemic sweeteners also

known as "bad calories or empty calories".


That’s because they need a lot of insulin to be processed by the body,

so they aren't burned off as energy and tend to get stored as fat.

On the other hand, 5-carbon sugars (commonly referred to as pentose),

such as xylitol, are low-glycemic sweeteners and are known as "good


Which means they DO NOT require insulin to be metabolized.
Therefore, there is no insulin stimulation. In the metabolization process,
fat cannot exist without insulin.

That's why scientists recommend 5-carbon xylitol for a granular
and powdered sugar replacement. It's a healthier option that won't cause
an insulin response or contribute to fat accumulation in the body.


6-Carbon Sugars

5-Carbon Sugars

High Glycemic

Low Glycemic

“Bad calories /
empty calories”

“Good calories”

Maple syrup,
coconut sugar,
cane sugar

L-Arabinose, D-
Ribose, D-Xylose,


What’s different about the xylitol in BochaSweet?

To explain this, we need to go back to the 1900s when xylitol was first


You see, back during World War 2, the Germans faced a massive sugar

shortage. This left them desperately looking for a substitute. At the time

Finland was already using xylitol from birch trees as a sugar alternative.

Since Germany had an abundance of birch trees, they followed suit. Ever

since then, xylitol has always been made from hardwood, birch trees,

corn cob, and pretty much waste material.

In 1963, the FDA approved xylitol as a safe and healthy alternative to

sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is now used in over 40 countries as a

special dietary and nutritional additive.

However, when the Chinese and Japanese entered the sugar replacement

industry, they found a xylitol made from kabocha was superior. These

pumpkins had a higher and more potent pentose content, and the xylitol derived from them could be metabolized by cells without insulin. This

became a significant advantage, especially for those struggling to maintain

healthy blood sugar levels.

The best way to understand the difference is to taste xylitol from birch or

corn and compare it with our BochaSweet kabocha extract (xylitol). You'll

notice that our xylitol is superior in taste and quality.


How do we extract the more potent xylitol?

We use an all-natural, low-temperature extraction process for

our xylitol. It begins with organically grown NON-GMO kabochas as the raw ingredient. This multi-step extraction process results in a healthier and better tasting version of xylitol.

In contrast, other sweeteners that contain xylitol are usually

extracted from corn or birch tree using a three-step process.

This extraction method yields an inferior final product that is

much easier and cheaper to produce.

Our extraction process for xylitol is more complex, difficult,

expensive, and time-consuming compared to the extraction from

corn or birch tree. We go the extra mile to ensure a high-quality

product that sets us apart from others in the industry.


Raw Ingredient: Non-GMO Kabochas

Process: Multi-Step Low-temp Extraction

Final Product: Premium Xylitol (5 carbon sugar)


The REAL truth about why some people face GI distress

When switching to a sugar replacement, many people experience GI

distress, cramps, and diarrhea. However, what you may not realize is

that these issues are often caused by other sweeteners you

unknowingly consume.

To achieve the best results and avoid these problems, it's crucial to

stick exclusively to BochaSweet and eliminate other six-carbon sugars

from your diet. It requires patience and commitment to the process.

Since our sweetener is derived from an all-natural ingredient, it takes

time to experience a higher quality of life. Trying it just once won't give

you the full benefits. You'll notice the difference and potentially feel

better initially, but the real proof will become evident over time.

So, if you’re ready to transform your health and experience truly positive

changes, we invite you to take the BochaSweet Pledge.

By taking this pledge, you commit to incorporating BochaSweet into your

daily routine while eliminating other harmful sugars from your diet. Our

goal is to help you feel and look better while supporting healthy A1C levels

by eliminating high-glycemic sweeteners from your life. The best part is

that you can still enjoy all the things you love. Indulge in cakes, cookies,

sweetened tea and coffee, lemonade, soft drinks, and even candy bars, as

long as they are made with BochaSweet.

Make the switch to BochaSweet, and witness the incredible transformation

in your health and overall well-being.

Zero Calorie

Zero Net Carb

Diabetes Friendly


Keto Friendly

Third Party Tested

BochaSweet Originals

BochaSweet - all-natural
sugar alternative.

Made from 100% kabocha, BochaSweet cooks, bakes,
and dissolves just like sugar.

Use at a 1:1 ratio with cane sugar, for guilt-free, healthier
recipes without sacrificing taste or texture.

Perfect fit for diabetics, pre-diabetics, keto enthusiasts and anyone looking for a healthier sugar alternative!