Boost Physical Performance with MCT Oil

If you are looking to boost physical performance, support brain function, and support heart health then you may want to consider consuming MCT Oil. This is a saturated fatty acid derived from coconut oil which forms together to make medium-chain fatty acids. This is a unique energy source, as it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream and then transported directly to your liver to convert into ketones. The smaller carbon size (composed of C8, C10, C12 groups) is a defining reason why MCT oil requires less work by the pancreas to break down compared to long-chain fatty acids. Long-chain fatty acids (13-22+ carbon atoms) are typical of fats found in plant and animal fat. Surprisingly, MCT oil is a type of fat that does not produce fat in the body. Here are some ways MCT oil works in the body to help make you fit and healthier.

MCTs Boost Physical Performance

When it comes to boosting physical performance, MCT oil is beneficial for providing an efficient fuel source for your body. This helps you to improve your physical performance during exercise. A study done on recreational athletes ingesting MCT reduced blood lactate levels and significantly increased the duration of high-intensity exercise(1). When it comes to endurance, MCT oil also seems to be quite promising. Ingestion of MCTs among endurance-trained cyclists helped to improve cycling performance(2). It makes perfect sense to ingest a MCT oil-based food source prior to exercise for that clean energy. To optimize your workout performance, be sure to try one of our BochaBars which features coconut MCT oil powder as one of its ingredients.

MCTs Support Brain Function

The conversion of MCTs into ketones makes it easy to pass through the blood-brain barrier which helps to support brain function. MCTs help to improve brain fog, forgetfulness, and degeneration of the brain that occurs as you get older. Supplementing with MCTs is shown in a study from the journal Aging in Neuroscience to improve memory among subjects with memory impairment, which is due to the higher ketone levels found in the blood (3). If you haven't tried out MCTs yet, then you definitely want to start. Next time you feel like you need a brain boost just remember to grab a BochaBar. A quick, tasty way to get not only MCTs for an efficient energy source but also healthy fats and protein to give you the nutrition you deserve.

MCTs Support Heart Health

Fat has been getting a lot of bad rap over the years due to the theory that it promotes heart disease. But, not all fat is created equal. The saturated fat found in coconut oil and/or MCT oil is beneficial for supporting heart health. The MCTs found in coconut oil have the potential to support healthy cholesterol levels. A study done by the Journal of Nutrition on overweight men consuming MCTs led to an overall better lipid profile(4). Other benefits of MCTs have been noted in this study to potentially reduce body fat, body weight, and blood triglycerides when combined with an appropriate dietary regime (5).

Why Choose BochaBar?

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